Table Layout Table Layout
Table Layout Table Layout
Round tables Round tables

[above] The Large Hall, with a variety of table layouts...
including wedding layout examples - with two different versions of the lighting


Large Hall

...and for a show, with the stage in position

plan of the Large Hall, showing the sort of layout that can be achieved for an exhibition

overall site, including the Small Hall, Car Park, entrances, position of the kitchen and toilets

K-9 Cafe K-9 Cafe
K-9 Cafe


The kitchen area - which has been dubbed "The K-9 Café" -showing one of the two serving hatches, (above), and (left) the use of a gazebo as an extra dining area

Small Hall

the small hall

an alternative use for the car park

Aerial shot

aerial shot, showing one position for the marquee...

Aerial shot

...and another