As a certain visitor says - Hanslope Village Hall is suitable for a wide variety of events
- pay attention - here's a taster
Panto Panto
Setting up for the annual pantomime by the Hanslope Entertainment Group (HEGs)
Citroen Club Citroen Club
The Hall is suitable for club meets - and the car park ideal to show off the classics
Table-Top Sale Table-Top Sale
Table-Top Sales - can use both the car park and the halls.
A simple table layout, such as for the annual horticultural show
Set up for a wine-tasting session, combined with entertainment
The large area of the Main Hall is suitable for working out - as in these Boxercise sessions
The Main Hall takes a large number of exhibitor tables and can accommodate many visitors
sammlspace2 HaMeX5
Even the Small Hall will take a fair amount of exhibition items
Marquee eg Marquee eg
As will the additional marquee - 'Hall 3'
MGs Car Park
Using the main car park for a specialist car show
...and just a few of the special - and strange - visitors to the many shows and exhibitions
JL&K-9 Daleks
Stormtrooper SpittinImage
UNIT&Tardis Whomobile