This page aims to show what is happening to the Village Hall itself, as far as fixtures and fittings and the whole infrastructure are concerned
2019 AUGUST Rainwater butts installed in two positions
Water Butt Water Butt

2019 JUNE

Flower tubs installed either side of the main entrance the Hall

2019 MAY

Hanslope Village Hall In Bloom
Planters fitted to the window ledges.

Courtesy of
contribution from the Parish Council

Thanks to Alban Hill Nurseries for the planting.
Trustee Drew Archer, (left), installed them

Watewring planters

Part of the Hall's contribution to the
Best Kept Village award


2019 APRIL


Both Halls have been fitted with sound-absorbing acoustic tiles

Before this, with meetings and events where there was little in the way of 'sound-deadening' objects in the Halls, the sound was very live and echoing, making conversation difficult.

This has now been alleviated with the fitting of acoustic tiles in white, grey and red.

Right - fitting the tiles in the Large Hall

Below - red tiles on the walls of the Small Hall - to match the tapestry. There are white tiles on the ceiling

Below right - some of the grey tiles in the Large Hall

Fitted tiles - Small Fitted Tiles - Large


2019 APRIL


Clearing the boarders of the side car park

Clearing boarders

The boarders in the side car park, adjacent to the field, were cleared, so bushes and shrubs can be planted.

This aids the parking as it allows slightly more space

Clearing boarders Clearing boarders




Both Halls were redecorated

redecorating redecorating

The colours were kept neutral, as the Large Hall has the recently fitted LED lighting, which can be set to a multitude of lighting effects.




An Open Evening was held for the Village
to show the facilities available with the Hall

Open Evening Open Evening


2017 MARCH


The side car park was Tarmaced
For many years it was just a rough stony surface,

Side car park Side car park
side car park side car park
side car park side car park




LED lighting installed
This can be set to a wide range of effects and themes.

LED example LED lights